Going To The Gym Can Help You To Avoid Stress

A lot of people today know that regular exercise such as when you go to a gym will certainly help with their overall health. But did you know that a gym can also be a great help if you want to do something for your mind and mental health?

fitness-gymAny of the better gyms today will not only offer courses for you to lose weight or if you want to regain some muscles.

Today it isn’t uncommon that you can find fitness gyms that also offer meditation classes, yoga courses or similar beneficial activities.

Many times, if you attend such courses it’s not only the fact that you might  learn about and experience the benefits of yoga or Eastern meditation.

The fact alone that you get out of the house, away from the stress at work or at home when you visit a gym regularly certainly also has its benefits.

If you want to know whether you local fitness studio offers such courses where you can learn how to relax and simply call them up and enquire. Many times, fitness studios list the courses they offer on their website as well.

Whether you are interested in yoga classes, weight loss or muscle building, one thing is very important before you sent up with a gym. You should always make sure that the studio has qualified trainers. If the fitness gym offers free trial courses it would be ideal. This can allow you to get an idea about whether the gym is right for you.

If you happen to live in east London you can visit London Fields fitness. I really like the variety of courses they have.

What Is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is one form of alternative health treatment which I consider rather interesting. Basically what it is about is how magnetic fields have shown to have a beneficial effect on our health.

There are several ways how magnetic therapy today can be done. Your alternative health practitioner may use special devices that produce magnetic fields; those are then used to stimulate certain areas on the body quite comparable to acupressure or acupuncture.

magnetic-therapy-2An even easier way to do this is with magnetic jewellery. There are magnetic armbands and bracelets available today which you can wear just like any other jewellery.

The magnets built into this type of jewellery can then help say if you have arthritis or some other health problem.

In addition to jewellery that uses magnets that can provide various benefits, another sort of jewellery is also said to be beneficial and this is ionic jewellery.

Ionic jewellery is often made from certain precious gems that have a natural ability to create negative ions. Pretty much like as is the case with magnetic fields, negative ions have scientifically be shown to have a variety of benefits.

Some say that the negative ions from those power bands can also help with physical ailments and pains while others point out that they are very good for lifting energy levels or helping with problems like insomnia.

Recently, a new type of jewellery can be seen that combines the both things, magnetic therapy and negative ions. This is jewellery that has magnets built in but will also create negative ions. In other words, with this jewellery you’ll get the best of both worlds, magnetic therapy and the benefits of negative ions.


My Recommendation If You Plan a Wedding

Even if there are those folks who possibly marry more than once, fact is that marriage is still one, if not the major event in someone’s life. Most of us will likely marry once in their lifetime.

Because of that it should be clear that a marriage and all related festivities surrounding it are always something special. Most people go through lengths because they want to make sure that their wedding and wedding reception will be unforgettable events.

singing waitersIf you look around how people plan their wedding receptions, you will note that most will take into account and think about everything from catering to flower arrangements, but when it comes to their musical entertainment for the reception they are not so choosy.

A lot of folks simply hire a local band for the entertainment and an even higher number of people just book a DJ.

For me, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. If a spend a fortune on catering, flowers and the like I will of course also want to make sure that the music I choose the best I can get for such a very special event.

Rather than booking some average local band, how about getting The Singing Waiters to perform at your wedding?

The Singing Waiters are the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers. What’s good about them is that they can perform at any type of wedding. You may have planned a very classy wedding reception where you want top-quality musical entertainment: no problem. Or you may possibly want your reception on the lighter site with lots of fun, singing and dancing to the latest hits? The Singing Waiters can do it all.

The Singing Waiters are known for their amazing performances and I still have to meet someone who saw them who wasn’t entirely blown away. I think that your wedding deserves the best of the best and this is why I can recommend The Singing Waiters to you.

Reclaimed Wood: Eye-Catching Designer Dining Tables

Mac + Wood from London, the renowned designer of dining tables and benches made from reclaimed wood is now also adding bespoke office desks to their collection.

The reclaimed wood desks convey the same unique style and quality as the company’s very popular reclaimed dining tables and benches. As with their dining sets, the desks are made from hand-select reclaimed wood timbers in combination with steel.



If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your home or office, check out Mac+Wood’s reclaimed dining tables, benches and their new reclaimed wood desks. The company told us they’re also happy to satisfy custom orders.

Rugby in School ‘Too Dangerous’ Warn Public Health Doctors

rugby in schools in UK
According to public health doctors in the United Kingdom, the government’s effort to boost participation in rugby in British schools is ‘ill conceived’. The health experts warn that the sport comes with a high risk for injuries.

Rugby as a school sport is too dangerous, says Prof Alison Pollock from Queen Mary University of London.

While the experts are not necessarily seeking a ban of the contact sport in British schools they urge for safeguards to minimize the risk for injuries.

The Rugby Football Union said in a public statement that the benefits of the sports would far outweigh any potential drawbacks and that the current safety measures in place are ready more than sufficient.

Among those would be various investments in pitches and facilities that can ensure adequate first aid as well as to training of coaches to prevent injuries.

Three years ago, the UK government announced plans to link thousands of schools in the United Kingdom with rugby clubs. This and other hand caused fears amongst health experts who say that safety checks are not sufficient and it would lead to a high number of injured children. Prof Pollock points out that United Kingdom has few were strategies in place to protect rugby players as compared to countries such as New Zealand.

What do you think?

Do you believe that rugby in British schools poses a risk for children? Are your children in a school where they play rugby? How are their experiences? Let us know!

For a private school with a wide range of sports offered for your children I recommend you visit private school in Hertfordshire where you can learn all about it. Private schools in the UK are often those schools with the best options when it comes to sports for your children.

The Unexpected Benefits Of Red Wine

The Telegraph has a great article up about the unexpected benefits of red wine, you can read the article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/10851799/Red-wine-the-unexpected-health-benefits.html

Did you know that red wine can also help with preventing tooth problem? To be honest, I didn’t!

Better even, the article states that red wine can help keeping off bugs (yes, I am serious)! Scientists did some research on that subject and you can read about it here: http://www.livescience.com/33951-bed-bugs-alcohol.html

There are more astonishing benefits of red wine so that’s why I recommend you check the above article out. It seems that red wine is really an universally healthy beverage and now science is actually proving what many say for a long time already.