rugby in schools in UK
According to public health doctors in the United Kingdom, the government’s effort to boost participation in rugby in British schools is ‘ill conceived’. The health experts warn that the sport comes with a high risk for injuries.

Rugby as a school sport is too dangerous, says Prof Alison Pollock from Queen Mary University of London.

While the experts are not necessarily seeking a ban of the contact sport in British schools they urge for safeguards to minimize the risk for injuries.

The Rugby Football Union said in a public statement that the benefits of the sports would far outweigh any potential drawbacks and that the current safety measures in place are ready more than sufficient.

Among those would be various investments in pitches and facilities that can ensure adequate first aid as well as to training of coaches to prevent injuries.

Three years ago, the UK government announced plans to link thousands of schools in the United Kingdom with rugby clubs. This and other hand caused fears amongst health experts who say that safety checks are not sufficient and it would lead to a high number of injured children. Prof Pollock points out that United Kingdom has few were strategies in place to protect rugby players as compared to countries such as New Zealand.

What do you think?

Do you believe that rugby in British schools poses a risk for children? Are your children in a school where they play rugby? How are their experiences? Let us know!

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